Since 1983 we provide organizations with market research, people training and development, marketing and communication services

We take care of working people and organizations wherein we live and spend our work time.
We help people and organizations in growing, development and change management, offering a wide range of services, gathered in three areas.

Research and Consulting

We deliver quali-quantitative Research Studies directed to investigate a complex subject, to confirm and scientifically verify an hypothesis, to collect informations to solve a problem.
Research services include consulting, design and delivering of surveys, in-depth interviews or focus groups. These activities are usefull to deeply understand an issue and find the right directions to enhance it.
Research studies should be addressed to employees, customers, product/service users or other stackeholders, depending on organizational needs and contexts.

Training and Development

We design and provide training courses, experience labs, educational events for development of expertise, skills and competences. We use state of the art educational methodologies and technologies to engage people in class, online, outdoor.
In 30 years of experience, we designed and delivered education and training for over 10.000 people inside private and public organizations, from manufacturing, service industry, health, education, government and public sector.
We also provide brief and long-term training courses for students and professionals.

Marketing and Communication

We sustain organizations in marketing strategies, brand positioning and communication (inside/outside). We create communication tools like visual identity tools (organization, brand, product/service); printed, editorial, multimedia tools (booklets, catalogs, magazines, photographic services, video productions, tablet and smartphone apps); online communication tools (web sites, e-commerce, e-mail marketing, social networks); events and communication campaignes.

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