We restart from 30

We restart from 30

30 years ago, some of these days, TIVA was being created.

It was October 1983, I was attending third grade.
In those days, the brilliant cartoonist Benito Jacovitti was drawing Eldorado ice cream advertisement to be published on the italian Mickey Mouse comics: the “lemonissimo”, a famous “superlemon” lolly stick, was 150 Lires (nowadays 0.08 Euros). Advertising was an emblem of a world, the western world, growing limitless. Consumerism, fashion trends, new styles of life, pleasure-seeking at all costs: these were the new values.

Companies, out of necessity or curiosity, was investing in research and development, creating new products and going through new management systems. It was a very exiting mood, full of optimism, confidence and trust in the future.
New professionals was needed to help organizations growing.

TIVA was born on this amazing background, with the purpose of establish an Expertise Lab, to answer new growing and innovation needs of italian companies.

Over the years we grew up, working for any kind of organization, in the public and private sectors, providing market research, management consulting, people training and development, marketing and communication services. We opted for a tailor-made approach to business, grounded on specialization, quality and customization.

Since then everything changed around. Technology upset people and organizations habits, imposed to work faster and renew skills, shifted our contraints. In this complex social and economic framework we restart.

We restart from 30, with our experiments, skills, experiences, achievements and a solid and accomplished working method. We introduce a new beginning, beetwen continuity and transformation, looking at the most amazing kind of complexity: semplicity.
We start it again with great news:

  • a new range of services and products to answer people and organizations needs, with some significant projects to be delivered in the next months;
  • new communication tools, starting from a new logo, a new visual identity, a fresh and simple web site – now accessible from any desktop computer and mobile device – and a smart use of social networks;
  • a most effective and dynamic working routine, directed to better collaborate with team and customers, to propomote a digital culture, save time and energies.

So, we restart from 30!

What do you think about?

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