Our Environmental Committment

We acknowledge our responsibility as a company. We make a real commitment to the environment.
For this reason we are engaged in reducing materials and energy use.


Less paper

We embraced the Internet transformation, going digital on files and communications (mail, invoices, presentations) and adopting digital technologies to data collection activities (surveys, focus groups, interviews).


Less plastic

We brought plastic consumption down, preferring tap to bottled water and disposing of coffee capsules to detach organic waste from plastic.


Less electricity

We adopted energy efficient lamps and "Energy Star ®" qualified products.


Less business trips

We encourage remote working and meetings, making every day use of cloud and video conferencing tools to talk with our team and customers.

You can help us

Our commitment needs everyone’s help.
So we ask our team, customers and visitors to be responsible, contributing to save the planet.



We take care to leave paper, plastic/aluminium and glass in the recycling containers, placed in the Relax Zone at our office.



Green breaks

During breaks we enjoy a coffee or tea and ask people to join our green policy with three simple actions:

  1. leave your coffee capsule bag in the "Plastic/Aluminium" container
  2. leave empty sugar bag in the "Paper" container
  3. leave coffee stick and cup in the "Plastic/Aluminium" container