About us

TIVA is an italian consulting firm operating in the Human Resources, Marketing and Communication fields

TIVA was born in 1983 from the inspiration of Francesco Avallone, Sapienza University of Rome professor, who prefigured the possibility to create a “competence lab”, intended to generate new tools and practices to make italian organizations better and to enhance people working life.

To do that, we opted for a tailor-made approach to business, grounded on specialization, quality and customization. Like inside an artisan atelier, we work hard to build specific, custom-cut solutions for our customers, endorsing organitations people and expertise.

"Our mission has always been to manage change and complexity, providing custom-made solutions directed to excellence and fostered by a transparent and collaborative relationship with our clients".
Francesco Avallone

In more than 30 years of experience, we delivered research studies, business and management consultancies, training activities, communication projects and tools to private and public organizations, contributing to thousands people professional development and many organizations growth and success.